THE JENNER DYSPHORIA: How Caitlyn Jenner’s Show Throws a Monkey-Wrench in the Gears of Society

Screen Shot 2015-06-03 at 9.40.04 AMWell folks, it’s official. The inmates are running the asylum, and we are all (mostly) willing inmates. Vanity Fair has put an extensively photo-shopped photo of a heavily surgerized and hormonized Bruce, excuse me, Caitlyn Jenner on the cover, and proclaimed that he/she is now “debuting (his/her/its) new identity”.

What an interesting concept. A man can decide that he is a woman, enlist the aid of cooperative and unprincipled “doctors”, and after numerous office and hospital visits, emerge as a woman. As Mortimer Snerd used to say, “”Who’d have thunk it?”

Jenner’s “new identity” was such a hit with the liberal press that ESPN plans to give him/her their courage award. I guess this is not surprising since last year they gave it to Michael Sam for his heroic achievement of being “gay”. Apparently in Obamaland the bar for being heroic has been significantly lowered.

Many of us who were born in a time when people were still capable of rational thought and discernment were absolutely dumbfounded when the idea of marriage between two members of the same sex was seriously proposed and astonishingly accepted as some kind of “right”, at least by those who wear black robes to work. We thought that nothing could possibly surpass this breach with reality for sheer stupidity. We thought the far Left and homosexual lobby (I repeat myself) had played their trump card.

But wait, there’s more. They have now dredged up transvestites and “gender confused” psychotics to parade before audiences of dull witted plebeians and semi-comatose pseudo intellectuals  who cheered them on much in the same way they would have jeered them in a circus side show in times past. These poor, disturbed people have a 42% suicide rate once our sick society has “empowered” them with a “new identity”, but we cheer them on like hapless soldiers going into a hopeless battle.

Just in case you think that the far Left freak show will end with “trans-genders”, have a look at this. The article is about one Jocelyn Wildenstein, who was the wife of billionaire Alec Wildenstein, who has had multiple surgeries to try to make her look like a cat. Yes, you read that correctly: a cat. Her goal was to change her personality to that of a cat, which was evidently at least partially successful, as it resulted in divorce from her husband, who was most likely a dog lover. My guess is that what we can call “transspecies” individuals will be the next poster children for the left. After that, perhaps aliens?

All of this is merely a surreal reductio ad absurdum of the premise of the Left. They have now gone from situational morality, where there are no moral absolutes, no good or evil, only what someone thinks at the moment is right, to a situational reality, where there is no reality, only what someone thinks is real. This sort of fuzzy thinking, or non-thinking, creates problems in a society where people must live together. If one lives in a cave, it matters little whether he thinks he is a man or a woman or a cat.

If he/she/it lives with other human beings, however, his/her/its worldview becomes problematic. The problem with bathrooms and shower rooms is only the tip of the iceberg. People need to be able to relate to each other in a social context, and if they can decide on their sex on a daily basis, or their species, or whether they can fly, it makes interpersonal relationships difficult. If the woman you are dating suddenly decides she is a man, or a dog, it is bound to impact your relationship, as it did for Wildenstein and multiply-divorced Jenner. These life-changing crises normally do not make for good karma and can provoke suicide.

It is time that we as a nation step back from this lunacy and realize that life is not some reality show that we are watching on a big screen TV. Reality shows are scripted just as anything else you see on TV and less authentic than professional wrestling. The crazy antics in TV reality show courtrooms would land you in jail if you tried them.

Life IS reality, and Jenner does not go home at night, take off his makeup, and become a normal, well-adjusted actor. He goes home at night and says, as he admitted in his interview, “What did I just do to myself?” All the demons of his disturbed mind come home to roost in the lonely darkness, and we will all pray that this tormented man survives. Meanwhile, as Procol Harum said in A Whiter Shade of Pale, “The crowd cries out for more.”

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