‘THE PAIN IS UNBEARABLE’: Mother of Officer Liquori Tate Mourns her Son’s Death, Has a Message for the Shooters [WATCH]

Can’t even imagine the pain those families are going through.

On Mother’s Day, Youlander Ross wept for her murdered son, rookie Hattiesburg, Mississippi, police officer Liquori Tate.

“They took away my baby,” Ross said in tears Sunday, hours after Tate, 25, was gunned down while providing backup on a Saturday night traffic stop. The officer he was assisting, Benjamin Deen, 34, was also killed.

Despite the “unbearable” pain, Ross told NBC News she forgave her son’s killers.

Four people have been arrested, police said: Marvin Banks, 29, charged with two counts of capital murder, grand theft auto and illegal weapons possession; Joanie Calloway, 22, charged with two counts of capital murder; Curtis Banks, 26, charged with being an accessory; and Cornelius Clark, 28, an alleged passenger in the suspects’ car, for obstruction of justice.

Read more: NBC News

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