THE THUG LIFE: Aaron Hernandez, Murderer and Former NFL Star, Begins Life Sentence Behind Bars and his Cell Won’t Be Featured on CRIBS

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This thug got what was coming to him.

Aaron Hernandez left behind his life as a millionaire star athlete today, swapping a designer suit for a set of gray scrubs at a prison where he will begin a life sentence for murder.

It is perhaps fitting that Hernandez was booked at MCI Cedar Junction in Walpole, a prison just across the freeway from Gillette Stadium where he used to play for the New England Patriots.

Hernandez hasn’t set foot in the stadium since June 2013, when he was arrested under suspicion of murdering Odin Lloyd, who was dating the sister of Hernandez’s fianceé at the time.

On Wednesday, a 12-person jury found Hernandez guilty, sentencing him to life in prison without the possibility of parole due to some especially heinous aspects of Lloyd’s killing.

Hernandez was shocked by the decision, mouthing ‘You’re wrong’, before slumping to his seat – perhaps seeing the riches to rags reality of his new life. Hernandez has vowed to appeal the decision.

Directly after court, Hernandez was taken to the 700-inmate facility that will serve as a stark contrast to his former home – a $1.3million mansion.

Hernandez arrived at Cedar Junction around 1pm for booking and was given the prison number W106228.

The booking process took about two hours, and was probably not the most comfortable of experiences.

According to a report by WBUR, new inmates at the facility are taken downstairs into the basement where the intake center is located. It is there that they change into their new uniform of gray scrubs and laceless canvas shoes, turning over their personal clothes to be either incinerated or mailed home.

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