THE TRAGIC LIFE OF ‘BABY DOE’: How Bella Bond’s Life Ended so Shortly

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What a devastating ending to this little girl’s life.

Details on how two-year-old Bella Bond possibly died have emerged as the girl’s mother claims her boyfriend punched the child in the stomach until she died because he thought she was possessed.

Rachelle Bond, 40, of the Boston neighborhood Mattapan made the allegations against 35-year-old Michael McCarthy as she spoke to investigators about the murder case involving her daughter who became known as ‘Baby Doe’ after her body was found in June, an official said.

The tragic girl’s body was placed in ‘some kind’ of refrigerator after she was killed before it was disposed of, two officials briefed on the investigation told the Boston Globe.

While the medical examiner has found no signs of internal bleeding or external bruising consistent with blunt force to the victim’s stomach – investigators are working under the theory that McCarthy did something violent to Bella’s stomach that made her unable to breathe.

‘There is confidence that what he did to her stomach area resulted in her loss of life,’ the official said.

A source told Fox 25 that Bond had gone into her daughter’s room and reportedly saw McCarthy punching Bella because he believed she was possessed, before keeping her little body in a refrigerator for around a month until disposing of it.

After nearly three months, the washed up toddler who was found dead on the Boston Harbor beach and known simply as Baby Doe was identified on Friday as Bella Neveah Amoroso Bond.

Bella was just shy of three years old when her body was found on Deer Island in Winthrop by a woman walking a dog on June 25.

The murder case involving the girl broke open on Wednesday when a tipster in Billerica told police Bond admitted to the caller’s brother that McCarthy ‘killed her child’.

The tipster told police McCarthy allegedly killed Bella because he ‘supposedly thought the child had demons in her’, according to the Boston Herald.

The mother from the Boston neighborhood Mattapan and her boyfriend were arrested on Friday in connection with Bella’s death.

McCarthy faces a murder charge while Bond faces a charge of accessory after the fact of murder. They are expected to be arraigned on Monday. 

The girl’s father, Joseph Amoroso, told the Boston Herald that Bella was conceived in a tent at Occupy Boston and that he believes Bond has nothing to do with their daughter’s death.

‘She told me the whole story,’ he said. ‘She was very emotional, sincere through the whole thing, and I believe her.

‘I believe her — that it was this man who murdered our daughter, murdered a two-year-old.’

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