“This is Cher, B****es. Do What She Says…and God bless America.”

“This is Cher, b******. Do what she says … and God bless America,” Kathy Griffin says in a new web ad focused on turning out voters for women’s rights.

Being that the election day is tomorrow and the “war on women” is at its peak, I thought it necessary to share a few words on this.

Point 1:

There is no war on women!  The only war on women that is going on is the fact that liberals have subjected women to vote with their ovaries instead of their brains.

Point 2:

The true war is on the unborn child! It is murder after all, not to mention the huge health problems women are subjected to after an abortion.

Point 3:

Stop being a selfish pig, vote for greater issues other than your right to kill an innocent child living in your inhospitable womb.  Focus on getting the nation out of the economical mess it is in right now, so that people who like to have kids, their children can grow up in a free market society that is rich and prosperous.

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