Three Home Invaders Discover The World’s Best Home Defense System — A Boy With His GUN!

When three thugs dressed in all black and wearing masks went out for a day of crime, they probably figured they could easily overpower any home owner. They were wrong, and their mistake turned out to be their last.

Three would-be robbers were shot and killed Monday when an Oklahoma homeowner’s son opened fire on them with an AR-15, authorities said.

Wagoner County sheriff’s deputies were called to the home in Broken Arrow, southeast of Tulsa at around 12:30 p.m. local time. When they arrived, they found the three dead suspects and two uninjured residents.

Sheriff’s spokesman Deputy Nick Mahoney said the suspects enetered the home through a glass back door with the intent to burglarize it. It was not immediately clear why they picked that home.

Mahoney said the suspects encountered the homeowner’s 19-year-old son, who opened fire after an exchange of words. Two of the suspects died in the home’s kitchen while a third was found in the driveway.

It was not immediately clear whether the suspects were armed, but Mahoney said the preliminary investigation indicated the shootings were in self-defense. The homeowner’s son volunteered to give a statement at the sheriff’s office.

A fourth suspect has been arrested.

AR-15’s increadibly powerful and carry more rounds than handguns. They are less punishing to shoot than shotguns. And reach a target faster for follow-up shots if needed. And this guy needed it.

A man was able to take down three people, saving the lives of himself and his family, using the greatest equalizer out there.

H/T: Bearing Arms

UPDATE: Fox News originally reported the homeowner’s son to be 19. The Daily Mail and OKC Fox are now reporting the son is 23.

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