Throwback: Muslim Leader, ‘If it’s Not Islamic then the Law of the Land & Those Who Make it can go to Hell’

This video certainly speaks for itself.

A group of Muslims were marching in Fulton, England, to protest the arrest of Mona Thorney, the wife of the Stockholm bomber.

During the protest, you can hear them chanting, ‘British Police go to hell.’

Stacey Dooley, investigating the Muslim extremism that has overrun her hometown, was flabbergasted by these chants.

She even encountered one woman whom asked her who she was trying to seduce, being dressed the way she was.

‘In my eyes you are naked,’ said the Muslim extremist.

Dooley, being completely covered, except her hair, ankles and wrists, was completely stunned by her claims.

When she asked why they want the British Police to go to hell, the answer was quite shocking.

What looks like an elder or leader in this group of Muslim extremists made the statement.

So there you have it.

Anything that is not Muslims or isn’t under Shariah Law is going to hell.

This is why they refuse to obey the ‘laws of the land’.

If this is the case, then the majority of these Muslims are criminals by definition.

Here is one solution to the problem, if they break the law export these thugs to their ancestral lands.

That way they have their Shariah law and the western world doesn’t have to tolerate their bullsh*t.

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