TOO FAT TO RIDE: Cab Diver Charges Overweight Passenger Extra Because of Flat Tire

4428163480_345760d6ed_bThe passenger weighs less than three normal sized people. The diver was just taking his bad day out on this guy.

An Italian cab driver who was obviously having a bad day decided to make sure that his passenger’s afternoon sucked too. A customer identified only as M.O. was picked up at Rome’s Termini train station and was supposed to have a completely uneventful drive to a medical clinic on the outskirts of the city. But on the outbound trip, one of the cab’s back tires blew and the driver was less-than-thrilled about having to change it, so he blamed it on all the admittedly overweight man who was riding in the back seat.

That’s right, the driver charged a flat €30 ($33) fare for the trip and then added a €50 ($56) fee for the blown tire, which he said was caused by the 336-pound passenger.

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