Top 5 CNBC Epic Shamming Moments from GOP Debate [WATCH]

Screen Shot 2015-10-29 at 9.29.19 AM…and we love every moment of them.

You know the CNBC debate was pretty terrible last night when even liberals are blasting them for it. I think the only people who think the moderators weren’t bitterly partisan work for MSNBC or Though not all of them…

However, because of clouds and silver linings, it did have a few moments where candidates had a chance to shine. In case you were falling asleep to the World Series instead, here are the top 5 moments you need to see.

1. We discussed Ted Cruz last night, but it was soooooo good…

Here’s how on point he was…he had liberal celebrities agreeing with him:

2. John Harwood gets caught in a lie

There’s only two problems there, Skippy:

3. Chris Christie

“Rude even for New Jersey.” Seriously dude, that’s bad. This is the state that’s bred Diva Springsteen, Kevin Smith and throws raw sewage at its citizens with reckless abandon. Seriously, look it up. No, I have no source.

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