TOP 6 REASONS: You Need to Train in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Screen Shot 2016-04-07 at 5.53.00 PMMaybe not all in this order, but these are all great reasons to start training. With the first being a focus to defend your life!

Even if you don’t have any ambitions of becoming a professional cage fighter, you’ll find that Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) has plenty to offer.

1. It’s (obviously) great for fitness

Of course, any activity that gets your heart rate up and those sweat glands working hard is good for you. But BJJ as a sport is immensely well-rounded. Not only does it give you a full-body workout, its many varied drills also help develop coordination, balance and agility – motor skills that would be beneficial for your everyday life.

2. It teaches you valuable self-defence skills

Never mind the perennial debate in the BJJ community discussing the merits of “sport jiu jitsu” versus that of “street jiu jitsu”. Many BJJ gyms actually incorporate a self-defence aspect into their training programmes.

You may learn, for instance, how to escape when someone has you in a bear hug or a chokehold, or how to launch an attack when you’re lying on your back. Hopefully, you won’t ever have to use these in real life, but they’re always good to know.

3. It’s useful for people of all shapes and sizes

This point might not be made entirely clear to you until you watch a 50kg woman choke out a man who has 30kg on her; a not-uncommon sight at a BJJ gym.

As a smaller person, you might find yourself initially always squashed under someone much bigger and heavier than you are. But as you pick up more skills and technical knowledge, you’ll soon find yourself less afraid of sparring with larger training partners. Smaller people may also have an advantage in some ways – the smaller the hands, the easier it is to slip them under someone’s neck for a choke!

4. It builds discipline and confidence

Unlike the striking arts, where sparring is only introduced after you’ve trained for awhile and have gained some basic skills, you’re usually encouraged to start sparring—also known as rolling—right from the beginning of your BJJ journey.

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