TRACKING DEVICE FOR YOUR GUNS: New KeeperTI Tracking Device to Keep Your Guns ‘Safe’

Crowdfunding is a popular choice for modern inventors seeking the financial means to bring their products to market, and two enterprising software engineers recently launched a an indiegogo campaign for their new device called KeeperTI. The idea behind the small, tile-like contraption is simple. KeeperTI “tags” track whatever it is attached to, letting users find the item by using a smartphone app. While this technology has been thoroughly explored before by other inventors, the minds behind KeeperTI have included two features geared specifically towards gun owners. First, the tag emits an audible alarm when the device is tampered with or moved from a set zone, and then the owner is alerted by phone. KeeperTI even shows the item’s last known location if the tag is removed or damaged.

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  • rjhollydog

    This is source tagging with a gps, I am not fond of the idea, first just because YOU can monitor your stuff, does not mean others can’t, or use it to find your stuff. second, it will get expensive, they make the money on the monthly monitoring charges. Third, thieves learn very quickly to disable these things, by passing or disabling them so the only thing you might find out is your tagged item is touched/moved, but that will be about it.

  • Alias47

    Sounds like something the government will require us all to have “for safety and the children” but will make it extremely easy for them to round up all of our firearms.

    • Charles F. Easter

      Flush the tags, and watch DHS diving into your septic tank.

  • Carl Stevenson

    I already protect my gun. I carry it with me everywhere I go.
    This is just a scheme to allow the tyrants to locate them for confiscation.
    Wake up sheeple!

  • Doc

    The current administration likes and supports this idea. That tells me a couple things. First, they intend to subvert the technology in order to implement more, illegal gun control. Second, we can’t trust ANYTHING this administration supports, believes in, or promotes. That extends to ideas, policies, technologies that promote the concept of more, bigger, government oversight. You want to do something to stop crime and promote individual liberty? Join the NRA today. Buy a membership for your kids. Teach them the truth about our Constitution and the intent of the founding fathers.

  • yaki534

    Locking your gun up makes as much sense as putting your fire extinguisher in a safe. When you need it, there may be times you need it NOW. I’m sure that a burglar will stand by and give you time to remove your gun from the lock box.

  • TC

    A gun locator? Think cars, purse/valuables, kids, pets, doors and windows on your house, passive self protection… they’ll sell millions. Its survellance for you to keep track of your things, just remember who looks over your shoulder. “KeeperTI “tags” track whatever it is attached to”k

  • Lee Baldwin

    Adolf would have loved having this in his tyrannical time….jus sayin’ -Now whom does one suspect would want this today?

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