TRANS STUDENT: It’s ‘Dehumanizing’ to Use Gender Neutral Bathrooms

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A few dozen student and adult supporters turned out Friday night from the surrounding area to support transgender student Lila Perry.
lila perry rally

TGP reporter Adam Sharp attended the event and had a chance to speak with student Lila Perry.
Perry says she was asked to use a gender neutral bathroom but that it was “dehumanizing” and that’s why he started using the girls lockeroom and bathroom.

Lila Perry: I’m fighting for transgender rights not just for me but for all transgender students across the state… I used the girls restroom and people kind of lost it.

Adam Sharp: And there were reports that there was an extra bathroom made available to you. Is that correct?

Lila Perry: It was. But it’s very dehumanizing to be reduced to just “gender neutral” to where I feel like they’re just going to take all of us and put us in our own bathroom which I don’t like.

Lila Perry: They just tell me they want to be left out of it and they also don’t accept me being transgender.

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