TRI-STATE ATTACK: Residents Fear the Bombings are Related…

It’s very possible these attacks are related and it has people scared. Arm yourselves, people, and if you see anything suspicious, act. You may just save some lives.

Two explosions in the tri-state area have left residents fearing the blasts could be related.

At 9.30am on Saturday, a pipe bomb exploded shortly before the Semper Five Run at Seaside Park, New Jersey.

Around 8.30pm, a suspected IED detonated in the popular neighborhood of Chelsea in Manhattan.

No one was injured in the New Jersey explosion and approximately 29 people were hurt after the explosion in Manhattan.

Seaside Park is approximately an hour and a half south of Chelsea in Manhattan.

The detonations appeared eerily similar after occurring just hours apart.

Two additional unexploded pipe bombs were also found in a garbage can near the event 5km run in New Jersey, and it is unclear what actually caused the explosion in Manhattan, but the device was also believed to be planted in a garbage container.

Witness Chris Duffy tweeted a photo of a destroyed dumpster and said it was the source of the blast.

Police are frantically searching for clues and information to see if the explosions were connected, coincidence or if one was possibly a ‘copycat’.

Bomb-sniffing dogs were on scene in both New Jersey and Manhattan following the explosions.

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