The ‘Triple-Breasted Hoaxer’ had a Caged Teen Sex Slave

The ‘triple-breasted hoaxer’ apparently had a teen sex slave. Why do all these weird stories happen in Florida?

A teenager claims he was kept as a caged sex slave by the ‘three breasted hoaxer’ Alisha Hessler.

Micheal Squier, 18, said that the model – who claimed to have undergone surgery to have a third breast implanted – carved her name onto his chest on the first night they met in Tampa, Florida, with a steak knife.

The teenager claims Ms Hessler, who also goes by the name Jasmine Tridevil, tied him up, flogged him and forced him to sleep in a dog’s cage after they met on the internet and bonded over a shared interest in sex fetishes.

He told the Sun: ‘She turned me into a slave, beat me and humiliated me. I am physically scarred for life and live with the shame of what she has done to me.’

Ms Hessler claims to have spent £12,000 on surgery to have a third breast implanted, a procedure which she said was filmed for an MTV programme.

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