TRUMP GOES IN FOR THE KILL: Tells Jeb Your Brother ‘LIED’ to Start Iraq War During Debate [WATCH]

Things got ugly during last nights debate, especially between Trump and Jeb. Check it out.

It got brutal early between Donald Trump and Jeb Bush at Saturday night’s Republican presidential debate.

And it only got worse from there.

Bush explained that he believes Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad had to be taken out and that his foreign policy would include restoring the military, developing a strategy to destroy the Islamic State and have a policy of containment against Iran.

“Jeb is so wrong,” Trump said to a booing crowd Trump accused of being Bush’s special interests and lobbyists as he said the first thing that needed to be done was to go after ISIS.

It  got worse when Trump accused Bush’s brother, former President George W. Bush of lying to get into the war in Iraq.

“They lied! They said there were weapons of mass destruction,” he said. “There were none and they knew there were none!”

Bush fired back strong.

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