TRUMP TWEETS DEBATES: Gains More Followers Than Democratic Candidates

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Screen Shot 2015-10-14 at 9.12.20 AMThat’s called stealing the show.

Donald Trump may not have been on stage for the Democratic debate.

But the Republican front-runner still tried to take the spotlight.

The billionaire business mogul live-debated the CNN showdown on Tuesday and for some, his performance was the best.

Many of his followers even suggested they were watching his social media feed instead of the ‘boring’ debate.

Early on, he tweeted ‘Can anyone imagine Chafee as president? No way.’

He was referring to the the former Rhode Island governor and senator who has failed to make a mark in the polls.

The former reality star also wrote: ‘O’Malley, as former Mayor of Baltimore, has very little chance.’

The Donald also said that two of the people ‘should not be on the stage’ and suggested the candidates’ performances was ‘scripted’.

However he did praise one of the candidates.

He wrote: ‘Good move Bernie. S,’ after the Vermont senator said Americans were ‘sick’ of hearing about Hillary Clinton’s emails.

The majority of his involvement on social media was retweeting others.

One person said: ‘Cannot stop yawning,’ prompting Trump to reply that ‘Twitter is more interesting’.

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