TRUMP WINS: Super Tuesday States MA, TN, GA and AL

Screen Shot 2016-03-01 at 7.31.23 PMIs the deal sealed and Trump is our GOP, 2016, candidate?

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are landing big Super Tuesday wins as they seek to tighten their grips on the Democratic and Republican presidential nominations.

CNN projects the former secretary of state and the billionaire real estate mogul will win Georgia, Alabama and Tennessee. Clinton will pick up Virginia, while Trump will win Massachusetts. Clinton’s primary rival, Bernie Sanders, will claim his home state of Vermont.

Clinton’s wins across the South appear to confirm her strong advantage over Sanders among African-American voters who bankrolled her huge win in the South Carolina primary on Saturday. She could emerge from the night with a clear lead over Sanders in the delegate count because the states where she leads have more delegates in play than those that Sanders is targeting.

Trump’s early wins could signal that he may be about to inflict a disappointing night on one of his top rivals, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, who once saw his strength among evangelicals as the key to a possible sweep of the Deep South.

The Super Tuesday contests are a delegate bonanza for front-runners and a test of survival for others as voters went to the polls across the nation, including in the Deep South, in Colorado and Texas, in ice-bound Alaska and Minnesota.

Trump is expected to notch a large number of victories that could help him stretch his lead in the GOP White House battle and underscore his growing support across all sectors of the Republican coalition. Those wins could come despite being embroiled in a GOP fight that has rival candidates and party elders, desperate to stop his march to the nomination, branding him unfit for the presidency.

Cruz faces a must-win primary in his home state of Texas, while Florida Sen. Marco Rubio is a long shot to squeeze out his debut victory of the campaign after ditching his previously elevated and aspirational campaign to wage a bitter and personal war of words with Trump.

Sanders, who is keen to challenge the growing narrative that the former secretary of state is now on track to win the nomination, hopes to halt the Clinton tide in Minnesota, Colorado and Oklahoma, in addition to Vermont.

“This campaign is not just about electing a president,” Sanders said at a rally Tuesday night in Vermont. “It is about transforming America.”

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