The Truth About British Intelligence SPYING on Trump Revealed…and One Person was RIGHT

Many people cried ‘fake news’ when Judge Napolitano said it was a British spy agency that had been digging into Trump. Fox News even suspended him for a while.

Now, it turns out that he was right.

The agency, the very group Napolitano cited, is called GCHQ. They alerted U.S. agencies to Trump’s correspondences.

So it seems the whole world was spying on Trump.

And still Hillary couldn’t win.

Rush Limbaugh explained how everything unfolded:

All this stuff happened — this makes it even more fascinating to me. That all of this intel gathering, all of this spying on Trump took place not to stop him, because they didn’t think he was gonna win. It was all done for other reasons. And among them, to set these people up to be looked upon favorably by Mrs. Clinton and her campaign and then her administration. They never once gave thought to the fact that Trump was going to win.

But the way it ends up here, we know that Obama released intel data gathered by domestic agencies to 16 other intel agencies, including many foreign countries around the world, making sure that whatever was dug up and learned about Trump — and that is another thing. They found nothing. The world was investigating Donald Trump and his collusion with Russia for over a year-and-a-half, and they found nothing.

And how do we know they didn’t find anything?

Because, if they had, we would have found out about it before the election. They threw everything at Trump. The NBC tape was their last effort to take Trump out of the race. When they realized that didn’t work, they would have used anything and everything against him. And they had nothing.

The GCHQ, GC headquarters said to have alerted U.S. agencies after becoming aware of contacts, Trump and Russia, in 2015. This is what Judge Napolitano was suspended for reporting. The adult Eddie Munster, Andrew Napolitano, he was suspended for it. They brought him back. He kept talking about it. I said, “Why’d they suspend him, then?” It turns out he was right.

The GCHQ is an amalgamation of U.K. spy agencies. They played a crucial role in alerting their counterparts in Washington to the contacts between members of Trump’s campaign and Russian intelligence operatives. They first became aware in late 2015 of suspicious interactions between figures connected to Trump and known or suspected Russian agents.

Now, again, this news is being portrayed, “Oh, man, what a bad day for Trump. Oh, my God, he was colluding.” No! There isn’t any evidence of it. This is the whole point. The news is the entire world was spying on Donald Trump, not just Obama. He shared the intel data they collected with 15 or 16 other intel agencies and the U.K. And that story, by the way, is from the U.K. Guardian.

Every Western civilization intelligence service was working with Obama. Trump still won.

And now they are scared. Because the person they worked so hard to defeat is the president.

But the whole time they were spying, they thought Hillary was going to win.

Why’d they think Hillary was gonna win? Well, they believed the Drive-By Media. The Drive-By Media is as much responsible for the shock and dismay the Democrats felt as anybody else ’cause they ran the polling data, the fake polling data. They had Nate Silver out there guaranteeing Hillary 93% chance of winning. They ate it up. They believed it. They kept spying. The Russians had to also think that Hillary was gonna win. And they wanted Hillary to win.

You know what I think the hacking of the DNC computer network was? I think that was to get information to use against her as president. I don’t think they were hacking the DNC to undermine her campaign ’cause I don’t think they even considered for a moment that she would lose. I think they hacked her computer network, the DNC computer — they failed at that with the GOP, but they succeeded — can you imagine what they would have been able to hold over Hillary Clinton with the news that Hillary had cheated against Crazy Bernie?

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