Two Legally Armed Citizens Just Stopped a MAJOR Shoot Out

The beauty of conceal carriers. A drug deal started going south and the parties involved started shooting, endangering people around them. That’s when two conceal carriers interjected and saved the day. Check this out.

Augusta Police say two bystanders legally armed with handguns stepped in during a shooting incident at a Walmart in Augusta.

Police say four suspects were taken into custody by police Sunday after allegedly firing gunshots in the parking lot of a Walmart.

Police said the suspects involved were sitting in vehicles parked next to each other when an altercation arose. The occupants of one vehicle fired at the occupants of the other, which resulted in a return in gunfire.

When the shooting stopped, police said one suspect exited their vehicle to confront the occupants of the other vehicle. This is when two bystanders, who were legally carrying, interfered and stopped the incident, police said.

Kwiesha “Reggie” McBride of Harlem, N.Y., was charged with Class C reckless conduct with a firearm and Class B aggravated trafficking in schedule W drugs (heroin). McBride’s bail is set at $50,000.

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