UCLA SHOOTING: Student Murders Prof. Then Shoots Himself–Suicide Note Left Behind

Screen Shot 2016-06-01 at 4.58.15 PMThe identity of the student has not been released yet, nor the professor. Shooting took place in the engineering department of the university. Could this be over bad grades or do you think something worse happened?

Chilling images have captured the gunman walking through the University of California Los Angeles just moments before he shot an engineering professor dead and then turned the gun on himself.

The grainy pictures shows the suspect, dressed in black, strolling through a courtyard carrying what appears to be an automatic weapon before the murder-suicide that threw the campus into chaos on Wednesday.

He is believed to have walked into an office on the fourth floor of an engineering building, killed the professor and then fatally shot himself.

Hundreds of armed officers, SWAT teams, FBI agents and firefighters swarmed the campus at around 10am to reports of at least three shots fired

Students were then put on lockdown and told to shelter in place.

Police sources told the LA Times that it appears a student shot a professor in a room on the fourth floor before turning the gun on himself.

Neither have been identified.

Beck declared the campus safe around two hours later, though police remained on site for a short while clearing students from classrooms in Boelter Hall one by one to ensure a second suspect wasn’t hiding among them.

Beck said the bodies of the men were found alongside a weapon and what could be a suicide note, but would not go into more detail.

The identities of the shooter and victim have not been released, police have not revealed the relationship between the pair nor discussed what the motive for the attack could have been.

UCLA students are currently preparing for final exams, with many having to be cancelled because of the lockdown earlier today.

A statement released earlier in the day from the LAPD said: ‘At approximately 10am this morning Los Angeles police officers responded to multiple calls of shots fired on the UCLA campus.

‘Both LAPD and UCLA police began a search for suspects and victims. The LAPD has confirmed that two males were located suffering gunshot wounds.

‘The LAPD is continuing a methodical search of the campus and surrounding areas; however, no additional suspects have been seen.’

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