Um… Guess Why These Feminists are Naked and Screaming in the Street

There are many ways to stand up against violence.

But this is definitely one of the more…unorthodox ways.

Hundreds of Argentinian feminists stripped down and screamed in the streets, all to protest sexism and violence against women.

The 120 women were members of the Artistic Force of Communicative Shock (whatever that is). Video shows them marching fully clothed down the street towards the Argentinian president’s palace.

But they didn’t stay clothed. Guess that wouldn’t be shocking enough for them?

When they arrived, they all stripped down to their birthday suits. They even had a sound track — violinists played sad music!

They had a large banner as well, reading “Femicidio Es Genocidio,” which translates to “femicide is genocide.”

And the screaming…

The Daily Mail reported that one woman in Argentina has been killed every 25 hours this year. They did not specify the nature of the killings, if they pertained to sexism or not, or the corresponding rate for men.

They did say, however, that one woman who partook in the bizarre protest was quoted saying, “we represent them all and we will always exist.”

She also described the scene as “older ladies crying because in their time they could not speak aloud of it, men shocked by the cruelty of these times. I’ll take that.”

Argentina has come a long way in the past few years. The government of Buenos Aires implemented a law in 2016 making public sexual harassment illegal.

The law “creates an easy way for women to report street harassment as a crime and requires police to take the situation seriously, which has not always been the case in Argentina.”

Cat-callers could be slammed with fines or court-mandated public service.

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