USA FISH & WILDLIFE: About to Place This Animal on the Endangered Species List

Screen Shot 2016-03-20 at 9.43.46 AMWell, if they wanted an endangered animal they will get one now. This just opens the doors for poachers and farmers to slaughter these magnificent creatures.

In 2014, the US restricted the importation of elephant trophies from Zimbabwe and Tanzania. Despite appeals from Zimbabwe that the ban be lifted as conservation in the country is reliant on the proceeds from hunting, the ban remains in place. This week, it looks like the USA will possibly extend the ban to elephants in all countries. By upgrading elephants to endangered, it is hoped that new federal regulations will restrict the illegal trade in ivory

Lions upgraded last year

The upgrade of lions to endangered status in December 2015 was greeted with acclaim by animal activists groups and with dismay from African countries who feel controlled hunting is an essential tool for the sustainable management of wildlife resources.  The death of Cecil the Lion brought hunting and conservation into the limelight last year after he was shot by an American bow hunter.

The response from African countries to the restrictions on trophies has been one of anger and Zimbabwe, in particular, is now targeting the German, Russian and Asian hunting market. Namibia has recently enacted a ban on people calling for bans on controlled hunting in the country. Even Prince William, who is leading the way in anti-trafficking initiatives, was quoted by ITV this week as stating that there is a place for controlled hunting that contributes to conservation management.

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