Veteran Police Chief Calls Bull***t on Ferguson’s Capt. Ron Johnson

Screen Shot 2014-08-21 at 6.32.33 AMEditor’s Note: Police Chief Ed Delmore of Gulf Shores, Alabama has a bone to pick with Ferguson Captain Ron Johnson.

Here is a letter from veteran Law Enforcement Officer of Gulf Shores (Alabama) Police Chief, Ed Delmore. Chief Delmore is a 32-year law enforcement veteran who spent most of his career leading St. Louis area departments until becoming the Alabama beach city’s top cop in 2010.

In his letter posted at Law this past Sunday, he takes Missouri State Highway Patrol Captain Ron Johnson to task over his handling of the security situation in Ferguson. I’m hoping someone will take Missouri Governor Nixon to task as well over his recent videotape statement.

The point that Chief Delmore makes so clearly is that no one knows the mindset of Michael Brown on that fateful day — and no one has truly brought that up as an issue. But Chief Delmore does.

From a wholly investigative perspective, Chief Delmore is spot on in his assessment on “mindset.”

In his “Open Letter to Captain Ronald S. Johnson,” Delmore writes “I have to call you out. I don’t care what the media says. I expect them to get it wrong and they often do. But I expect you as a veteran law enforcement commander—talking about law enforcement—to get it right.”

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  1. USPatriotOne

    There is more to this than meets the eye going on here people! These actions are right out of U.N. Agenda 21…People really need to get their hands on this document, it’s pure Communism through and through..!!! The U.N. Truly hates everything about the USA and our U.S. Constitution especially the 2nd Amendment..!!!!

  2. Lorenzo Llama

    The store video demonstrates MB’s modus operandi – intimidate with every one of his 300 plus pounds and every inch of his towering frame. Charging the defenseless store employee was one thing – charging a cop with a gun and a previously inflicted head injury was quite another, he did not get away with that intimidation maneuver. The bullet pattern on his body suggests point of aim was skewed, probably by the fracture of his eye socket. If he was aiming center mass and the pattern is to the left in a vertical line his aim was consistent but impaired by the eye alignment or function.

  3. Bud Green

    From the usual antics of Al Sharpton and the Black Panthers to the Golfer in Chief Obama, Eric Holder and Missouri Governor Nixon, each and every one of them fail or refuse to consider Michael Browns actions when he was shot in self defense. Their only concern is skin color and the victimization scam. They all seem to have predetermined Officer Wilsons guilt, thus denying Wilson his due process.

      1. John Henry

        Well that’s the way it’s suppose to be isn’t it?

        But nowadays, in most communities you don’t even know your neighbor do you? As a result you just see people, and hear them but have very little contact otherwise.

        People still remain like they always have and tend to stay with folks most like themselves rather than being in the kind of integrated communities that HUD and the Federal government seem to think that we need.

        And people are segregated by wealth as well as genetics aren’t they?

        All together this comes back a to “us against them” mentality whole sections of towns and cities are divided this way, with so many of the same sort, it can cause the kind of problems your talking about.

        1. henryknox

          In your comments you are constantly referring to ‘you’ or ‘they’ or ‘people’. I believe that I’m responsible for my own actions and I don’t try to judge others or speculate on what is in their heart. We are usually wrong when we do that. Being a member of a local Tea Party I constantly hear people on television trying to explain what ‘the Tea Party believes’ and I never can identify with it because their description is so different from my personal experience.

  4. Denver Girl

    They are race bating. Tell them all to get a job and start acting like law abiding citizens. For Eric Holder to go to Ferguson and not visit the injured policeman is unconscionable and he should resign. He is the top cop for the Country and he does not visit one of his own. DISGRACEFUL.

  5. Silver11

    This Chief Ed Delmore needs to infuse his ideas on more idiot law enforcement personnel.
    This Chief is more than on the right road
    He seems to be going down the road without
    bigotry and racism
    It is a honor to know quality law enforcement is in control someplace in this country.
    Thank You Chief Delmore.
    (Retired LEO)

  6. sovereigntyofone

    Well, they say that ” Blood ” is thicker than water.. blood.
    Capt. Ron Johnson has tossed his loyalty to his department and fellow officers right out the window when he joined in a protest march. It showed clearly what side of so called ” justice ” he was on.
    After all this settles back down, and the protests are over and the truth comes out, Capt. Ron Johnson has to face what he’s done. I’ll just put it this way, If I were him, I wouldn’t expect any ” back up ” from his fellow officers after the wing ding he pulled over the Brown shooting.
    Just my 2 cents worth.

  7. bahndon

    If we were in the pre Civil War era, Al Sharpton, Eric Holder, Jesse Jackson and Obama would be the trackers to bring runaway slaves back to the plantation!!!!

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