VIDEO: Bernie Sanders’ Wife LEAKS Secret of ‘Nomination’ Over Hot Mic–Should Hillary be Worried?

Screen Shot 2016-07-26 at 10.34.04 AMBernie’s wife caused quite a stir after she was caught on an open mic saying something about his name being put in for nomination. Hillary won’t take too kindly to that news, if it is true. What do you think about this?

Bernie Sanders‘ wife Jane caused a stir at the Democratic convention after a comment she whispered into his ear was caught on a microphone.

A crowd who showed up to hear the Vermont Senator speak on Monday in Philadelphia shouted ‘Bernie, Bernie’ and booed every mention of Hillary Clinton, while thousands of protesters cheered his name outside.

After the speech, Jane came up and stage and appeared to tell her husband: ‘They don’t know your name is being out on the nomination, and that’s what concerns…’

The sound then trails off, cutting her sentence short.

Sanders’ campaign spokesman Michael Briggs later confirmed what she said.

He then clarified that she meant ‘there will be a roll-call vote and the senator’s name will be placed in nomination.’

This may have undercut any hope Sanders’ supporters would have taken from her remarks.

It is a similar situation to 2008, when Hillary was put on the ballot, even though Barack Obama had already won the race for the nomination.

A report in the New York Times suggested it was done as a symbolic gesture to help mend friction between the two camps.

Friction has been building between Sanders’ camp and Democratic officials, including Clinton, after Wikileaks published emails from the Democratic National Committee.

The hacked correspondences suggested the DNC were favoring Clinton over Sanders throughout the primary process.

The scandal led to the resignation of party chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

The FBI has since launched an investigation into what happened.

Jane Sanders’ hot-mic incident was just one controversial incident during a chaotic first day of the Democratic convention.

The former candidate has even asked his fans not to protest on Monday as a ‘personal courtesy’.

The new acting chair of proceedings, Marcia Fudge – brought in after DNC chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz quit in disgrace when her anti-Sanders bias was revealed – desperately called for ‘respect’.

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