VIDEO: #BlackLivesMatter at DNC–‘White People to the BACK of the march!’

Screen Shot 2016-07-27 at 9.53.21 AMWhite people supporting #BLM were forced to the back of the crowed, as a black woman leading the protest enforces segregation. Being that their slogan is ‘BLACK Lives Matter’ this shouldn’t come as shocking, however more of a reality of the hate this group preaches.

Black Lives Matter activists ordered white journalists and supporters to the back of their march outside the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia. 

Several videos of the protest have been posted on social media which show the female leader of the protest standing on the back of a truck while ordering racial segregation.

The un-named protester used a microphone and an amplifier to start a number of highly offensive chants aimed at the Philadelphia Police Department and Hillary Clinton.

One protester objecting to the racial segregation raised the Rosa Parks incident, but the angry woman did not respond.

Before the march set off, the woman told white people: ‘Take your rightful position, behind us.’

Standing in front of a black and red anarchist flag, she said: ‘I want to see all of the white folks at the back of the crowd.’

‘White people, get to the back. Black people, come to the front.’

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