VIDEO: Hillary Defends ‘THIRD WORLD CORRUPTION’ Out of Clinton Foundation with ‘Cherry Picking’ Comment

This is the lamest explanation ever. Just watch the video, you will be laughing your butt off.

Hillary Clinton’s campaign officials insisted Wednesday that the Democratic presidential nominee’s dozens of State Department meetings with donors to her family foundation don’t present a conflict of interest.

Chief strategist Joel Benenson said the Associated Press report was ‘cherry-picking’ Clinton’s long-hidden schedules from her time as secretary of state.

Campaign manager Robby Mook used the exact same word to describe the blockbuster article that dominated Tuesday afternoon’s news cycle.

The AP determined that more than half of Clinton’s scheduled meetings and phone calls with non-governmental personnel during her time at State were with donors to the Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Foundation.

Those contributors poured $156 million into the foundation’s coffers, according to the AP.

‘They took a small sliver of her tenure as secretary of state, less than half the time, less than a fraction of the meetings, fewer than I think 3 percent, Benenson complained Wednesday on CNN’s ‘New Day’ program.

Clinton, he said, ‘met with over 17,000 world leaders, countless other government officials, public officials in the United States.’

But it was the 154 nongovernmental meetings on Clinton’s books that drew the AP’s interest. Of those, 85 were with Clinton foundation donors.

Benenson claimed drawing a conclusion from that smaller subset of meetings was ‘one of the most massive misrepresentations you could see from the data.’

‘And then they’re trying to malign and implicate that there was some, something nefarious going on when, in fact, there wasn’t.’

‘People give donations to this foundation because they believe in the work of this foundation,’ Benenson added, but blasted the AP for basing its story on ‘a completely flawed premise.’

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