VIDEO: Horse Kicks the [email protected] Out of Gator and OMG is it Crazy!

Have you ever seen a horse go on the attack towards any animal?

They are powerful creatures and getting kicked by one certainly hurts.

But often, horses are painted in this Disney-like image of being peaceful and majestic.

Certainly, if they are tame that can be the case.

Tame horse or not, this one looked like it’s kicked a few gator’s ass before.

What’s shocking about this video isn’t entirely the horse’s actions.

Witnesses watching what took place were actually rooting for the GATOR! You can hear one of them shout ‘just leave him alone’.

Pretty sure they’re subscribers to PETA…

Being that there was other horses around, this could have been an action of protecting the herd.

The only other explanation is that this horse just really hates gators.

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