VIDEO: ISIS Suicide Bombers Strike AGAIN–Dozens KILLED, More Injured

This time they targeted a protest. People, any large gathering where you cannot be armed… avoid as much as you can.

At least 60 people were killed and 200 were wounded after an ISIS suicide bomber targeted a major protest in Kabul earlier today.

Thousands of members of the minority Shiite Hazara community were protesting over a proposed power line when the explosion went off.

Ambulances were struggling to reach the scene as authorities had overnight blocked key intersections with stacked shipping containers to prevent protesters from marching on the presidential palace.

ISIS claimed responsibility for the attack through their Aamaq online news agency.

The terror group claimed two of their jihadis detonated themselves in the middle of the marchers.

The Hazaras are Shiites, who ISIS view as apostates.

Earlier the Taliban had denied responsibility for the attack.

Protest organiser Jawad Naji said: ‘ I was in the crowd of protesters when a loud bang occurred nearby. Many people have been killed or injured — I am in deep shock.’

Officials in Afghan President Ashraf Ghani’s administration shared intelligence of the planned attack.

Spokesman Haroon Chakhansuri said: ‘We knew that terrorists wanted to bring sectarianism to Kabul, and cause splits within our community.’

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