VIDEO: Now the UK has a ‘Killer’ Clown Problem

screen-shot-2016-10-09-at-8-31-04-amThis is a little terrifying. Looks like the creepy clown stunt has extended across the pond.

This is the first picture of a ‘killer clown’ seen lurking at a drive-thru McDonald’s in the Midlands – terrorising customers.

The chilling image was posted on Facebook and reportedly shows the creepy joker hiding behind a sign, ready to scare unsuspecting drivers using the Kidderminster fast-food restaurant.

The ‘Killer Clowns’ started in the US with people dressing up in scary masks and costumers to frighten children and people by jumping out on them.

Now the craze seem to have spread to the Midlands after reports of ghoulish pranksters in Evesham, Worcester, Droitwich and now Kidderminster.

Horrified parents have shared the McDonald’s photo on social media in a bid to warn others.

One person posted: “This came up on my newsfeed last night, It the McDonalds’s drive through in town- be careful if ur with your children because they are apparently jumping out and scaring people with kids!”

“I hope someone reported him because I would have thrown him in the canal!”

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