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  • meadow lark

    What a brave young lady. What a self righteous snob that lady politician is…..would that it had been the politician instead of this law abiding young lady. Some of these so called politicians need a dose of reality in their lives…….

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Paul-Christensen/100000005327315 Paul Christensen

      Did you see the Senator no one would waste their time.

      • http://www.facebook.com/lorenzo.llama.3 Lorenzo Llama

        I would hope there is somebody for everyone…………..

        • toooldsmart

          obviousl, moochelle the ugly found- a thing.

    • toooldsmart

      Not reality, but a dose!

    • Wayne

      I think they need to be RAPED and maybe, maybe change their tune. A liberal is a conseritive who has been raped..

  • http://www.wr2a.wordpress.com/ Donald Borsch Jr

    So let’s see if I have this straight:

    –Ladies, just accept being raped.

    –No guns would work for you, since Hudak has the stats to prove this.
    –Guns are evil; rapists…mmmm, wellll, sure, they’re bad and all, but guns are even worse.
    –A gun in a woman’s hands is apparently statistically shown to be ineffective, so ladies, just don’t worry about guns or shooting or defending yourselves against rapists. Perhaps peeing on yourself or saying you have an STD would be your best course of action.

    Seriously, do Democrats have to try any harder to prove their misogyny?

    • gutterfalcon

      I know they sit there with the Straightest look on their face, and Lie, Tell the Most Ridiculous, Nonscensical, claims , and just expect you to believe them.

      • 58bushido

        Liberals are morons. Next question.

    • tinker2

      “I was just carrying the gun because it was lonesome. My peepee made me rape that girl. I’m just a victim.

    • http://www.facebook.com/lorenzo.llama.3 Lorenzo Llama

      Here, is an Idea the liberals should want to explore. Exercise the vaginal muscles to the point where they are so strong thay can prevent the entry and maybe more importantly, the exit of the offending appendage. This would allow the victim to execute a “citizens arrest” or so damage the offendong member it would be rendered useless in any future rape attempts. Community Centers could offer training courses to women these being funded by the many wondered thing, Obamacare. Anything to keep guns off the streets and out of the hands of women distracted and confused enough to make a mistake identifying the onset of rape. Poor things. (tongue in cheek cited here)

      • TO

        Obama dont like vaggies,he likes stick paiussiees

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000002314498 Alan Ott

        PLEEEEEZZ don’t say that–not even jokingly. The libs WILL pick up on it and we WILL hear about it…they WILL try to use it!! Just you watch! The liberal stupidity and nonsense won’t stop at ANY level of absurdity to defend and support their criminal and UnConstitutional ideologies.

        • toooldsmart

          Alan/ because WE the PEOPLE are allowing it!

  • gehad

    No worrys. Our government is always willing to help us build a cage for ourselves. Unfortunately so many people don’t realize thats what they are doing with gun control. You feel like you are building a cage to immobilize crimminals, and you don’t realize you’ve imprisoned yourself until its to late. Gun control is a cancer that spreads and gets worse because crime always gets worse with gun control. Then we enact more gun control in response to the elevated crime.

  • glenp827

    HUDAK would disgust the rapist to death

  • glenp827

    no no no let the BAD GUYS RAPISTS have the advantage of arming themselves and HUDAK the HOOR keeps you the unarmed LAMB(sheep)


    Amanda you deserve a big medal for being such a brave woman god bless you.
    If this happened to some politicians daughter and i could name lots of them, their take on protecting ones self would be a much different story, OH i know buy a shotgun and fire two shots through the front door and then you will go to jail for what they call menacing or you could try peeing your pants and yelling that will scare them away, politicians should all go back to school and maybe they could learn something.

    • Kartua

      These idiots could not have went to public schools. Their uneducated in the art of, the School of Hard Knocks!!!

  • Kartua

    A well placed bullet will stop anyone, no matter the size – even if it was a .22 caliber bullet!

    • toooldsmart

      Kartua? My husband was a Statr trooper, he said if you point it, shoot it, if you shoot it , empty it!

      • Tom & Linda Wagner

        Excellent Kartua and toooldsmart! My husband is a former Marine officer: he says, if something is worth shooting once, it’s worth shooting twice!

  • Hawkeye3939

    What the hell has happened to Colorado??? Used to be full of Americans, now it looks like a convention of Euro Socialists and Progressive twits. Hudak doesn’t have to worry about being raped–who’d even think of getting that close to her???

    • bobwhite1935

      I agree who would want to rape an ugly witch like Senator Hudak, a rapist would be scared to death of seeing her that he would run away screaming. Hudaks picture should be pasted everywhere on the U of N campus, that would surely make any potential rapist sick to his stomach & impotent & incapable of raping anyone.

    • toooldsmart

      Colorado, is more llike Califonia every day!

  • Spears

    Why is NO ONE pointing out the FACT that Hudak’s comment regarding the “statistics” are a COMPLETE LIE!

  • brabbie2002

    That old heifer is just jealous of this pretty young thing and is probably glad she was raped. I know her liberal type. ” Ooh, I know what is best for all of you, and you will follow what I say to the letter or you WILL be sorry!”: Ms. Collins – break the law – take your gun with you whereever you go, and if there is another attempted rape, shoot the ba–ard in the head and walk away! There isn’t a decent jury in the US of A that would convict you. Just make your lawyer only accept a conservative panel. If any liberals are on said panel they will say it is all your fault for dressing neatly and looking nice. And that poor rapist came from a poor childhood – single parent – blah, blah, blah! It is always our fault and not the criminal’s to the liberals of this country. We might as well be muslims as they think the same way. If you are raped and report it, you are stoned to death for letting it happen. Makes a whole bunch of sense doesn’t it? Kinda like this new gun grab by the dumborats and their rhino cohorts. ‘Cuz we all know those nasty old guns are just lying in wait in our closets and nightstands to sneak out and shoot their owners.

    • http://www.facebook.com/kenneth.lee.58511 Kenneth Lee

      Anyone remember “Ballbricker” in Porky’s? That is this politician. No brains whatsoever.

  • bobwhite1935

    As Ms Collins said the rapist had a gun, the gun free zone means nothing to a rapist & criminals, in fact that makes them more bolder knowing law abiding citizens are not armed & defenseless against their attacks.

    • Tom & Linda Wagner

      Very true. But anti-gun people do not seem to address this issue. They just say, repeatedly, more laws, more restrictions; i.e., less rights for the law-abiding.

  • bobwhite1935

    Who would want to rape an ugly witch like Senator Hudak, a
    rapist would be scared to death of seeing her that he would run away
    screaming. Hudak’s picture should be pasted everywhere on the U of N
    campus, that would surely make any potential rapist sick to his stomach
    & impotent & incapable of raping anyone. Sorry human bean.LOL

  • gundog1911

    Never, NEVER obey “gun free zones”! They are unconstitutional death traps.
    Carry everywhere. Liberal gun grabbing zealots have taken insanity to a whole
    new level even for this bunch of retards. My apologies to the mentally
    handicapped, but there is NO other way to describe these despicable curs.

  • TPS12

    CO woman elected this idiot hukak, a gun would not have helped you because I know best. Did you leave your whistle at home; did you tell the rapist that guns are not allowed on campus? Please vote for me again remember I and all democrats have your back.

  • Keenan Lee

    Hudak will never be raped so she doesn’t care about other women. Give women a chance to protect themselves. Let them dwindle the number of rapists by killing them off one-by-one. If enough rapists are killed while in the act or attempt, hopefully it will deter the rest to be civil and leave women alone.

  • Kim Ciara

    Vote these arrogant liberals out of office next year! This is the ONLY way to take Colorado back from the socialist scum that has invaded a once great State.

    • toooldsmart

      what about America?!

  • Canis Dirus

    The world is now officially upside down.

    Liberal: If a woman gets raped, it’s HER fault.

    • Satirist

      But they claim the right is waging a “war on women”. It would be funny if it weren’t so serious.

      • Canis Dirus

        My wife must be a “rightie” then. She tries to stay at home, but I keep locking her out.

        • Satirist

          My wife and I have a great understanding that’s worked well for going on 27 years now. If she doesn’t try and tell me what to do, I won’t tell her to go to heII.

          • Canis Dirus

            25 years here. My nephews asked me last year my advice on how to have a long lasting marriage.

            1.) selective hearing
            2.) Plausible deniability for every situation
            3.) Learn two terms and use them often. “Yes Dear”, and “You’re right Dear.” You don’t have to believe it, just say it.

  • Satirist

    All that medical marijuana has made people in Colorado forget where they parked the voting booth.

  • Canis Dirus

    Can’t we simply set up rape free zones?

    • Satirist

      That comment is going to drive dyslexic people crazy.

      • Canis Dirus

        Hahah, I know.

  • Sonja

    OMG! Is just me or is this woman actually hinting that this courageous young lady got what she deserved because she was supposed to be an expert in taekwondo and was outweighed by her attacker?! What a nasty, unfulfilled, old lady!

    • Canis Dirus

      The problem is the woman was trained in the wrong martial art.

      She practiced Tae-Kwon-Do

      She should have practiced Tae-Kwon-Don’t

      • Sonja

        Thanks for the spelling. I wasn’t sure I had it quite right.
        The reality is, we will never know whether or not her gun would have made the difference between her being able to fend off her attacker or not, since she wasn’t allowed to carry her gun. But we could have had that information if she had been to carry her gun that day. The college’s decision made gaining that information incomparable.

        • toooldsmart

          carry it! It is better to be tried by 12 than carried by 6!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Paul-Christensen/100000005327315 Paul Christensen

    That totally stupid Senator should be recalled now. One thing is the victim had her rights taken away by people like the Senator and it left her with nothing. But it is like Feinstien who has many armed guards so she are safe but it does not matter about the peon.

    • jLow

      Note: Feinstein has a gun and a permit to carry.
      But We Can Trust Her…….. (sic)

  • tinker2

    When an Idiot says that all women need are call boxes and whistles to prevent being raped is an insane idea. As a guy, I’ve seen women that can shoot better than most men and have the “smarts” to do what is needed to stop crime, AND “bring home the meat” for dinner. Hunting and sport shooting is NOT just for the “Macho GUYS”. Plenty of women take medals in the Olympics – if they were ever mentioned at all.

  • Lt Roger Wilco

    Even Bill Clinton with his proclivity for really ugly women wouldn’t rape Evie! Yeeeech.

  • blarman

    While I agree with the message, I have to point out a flaw in the use of this graph – it is a poor demonstration of causality. It is pretty easy to point out that the violence waited several years after the laws went into effect to skyrocket, then were on a decidedly declining trajectory even before the expiration of the laws.

    Instead, I would use the more inclusive studies that include Chicago and some California cities – all that share similarly restrictive gun laws – and highlight the comparisons between violence rates among restrictive cities with those of comparable size (like Dallas or SLC) with less restrictive laws. I think it would prove the point far more effectively simply by demonstrating causality with a much greater correlation.

  • Suede

    I suppose next they will tell women to say OK let’s s go— you look like my 3rd hubby and hopefully that will change a mind.

  • John Detwiler

    I can see why Sen Hudak demonstrated cavalier attitude toward Amanda. Just look at her and you can see that there are zero chances that anyone would want to rape someone who looks like her.

  • Sagebrush6

    I’m not one to advocate violence ( this may not be considered violence) but perhaps if a few politicians got raped, some laws may get a different review ?
    There’s got to be a few perverts out there willing to help the country out ?

  • omega2

    The only reason that HUDAK made the statement like she did is the fact she is too UGLY to atract a would be RAPISTS!!!

  • Doc

    Please understand these political animals care only for themselves and THEIR children. Rape is only bad when the rapist gets called bad names or (Heaven Forbid) gets convicted. Liberals do care about THEIR agenda, promoting THEIR socialist values, and replacing our constitution with one written by union and communist thugs. They want your guns so you can’t stop THEIR progress towards an unAmerican socialist utopia. Lets make it simple for them; all rapist get shot but those that make it to trial get life but only if labeled as child molesters so they can be treated fairly by the inmates.

  • James Foley

    Ahhh but that gun-control politician was there in spirit as most of these criminals are Democrats or democrat supporters and these criminals rights are supported by subversive groups like the Southern Poverty Law Center and ACLU. They WANT law abiding citizens disarmed so their constituents, the criminals, can pursue their avocations without fear of being shot.

  • pissed off conservative

    senator hudak does not have to worrie about getting raped i don’t think even a blind rapist would rape this butt ugly women

  • jwoop66

    Why are repub congressmen and senators not asking dems to repudiate this womans(dem politician) statement or accusing them of being just as callous as the dem senator in the video.
    In other words, I put this in the same category as the guy who said womens bodies shut down during rapes. Every repub was expected to comment on that. Why are we not expecting the same in this case?
    We are always on the defensive. Unnecessarily.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Connie-Stanson/100000463146491 Connie Stanson

    This is a very brave young lady. I too wouldn’t think twice if I had a gun and was being raped.Or had the threat of rape. The Government need to stay out of our business.

  • anniesdad

    Liberal women can rant all they want for gun control. They know they are all so damn butt ugly that they are virtually rape proof. If senator hudak’s wife or daughter or boyfriend was a rape victim then he might, just might sing a different tune?

    • Oneyeopn

      I am sorry but I must point out that Senator Hudak has the appearance of a butt ugly woman or a seriously butt ugly transvestite!! LOL

  • edodaniel

    At least this points out one possibly EXCELLENT method that almost guarantees a woman would not get raped – elective surgery with a good plastic surgeon to become a Senator Hudak look-a-like! (anyone doing this should require the surgeon to guarantee that ONLY the appearance would be altered – not the mental abilities! The downside would be that women would all start LOOKING like dimocrits!))

  • http://www.facebook.com/douglasmorris99 Douglas Morris

    The Elitist class of the left continues to support and group hug Islam, a “faith” intent on the control and manulipuation of women. They pay their women employees less than male counterparts. They place women in “boxes” telling them how they should feel, how they should think, how they should DEMAND the death of their offsppring and beleive it’s OK to do so..They espouse “facts” that are absolute LIES and show contempt for their electorate and still get reelected to office.
    As a father of a girl, called into school for her “assault” on a male student..seeing the responce of the school when informed he had molested her and in my mind, asking for the ass beating he received by a 15 yr old girl in public..have seen just how the Left intends
    to destroy our civilazation and make rape, plunder and pillage, common day practice..

  • Buddy

    Well Senator Hudak, maybe you should share the experiance that Amanda
    Collins went through, then again you would probably enjoy it, how can you be so
    stupid as to believe that with the experiance that Amanda Collins has that she
    would not have taken this pervert out and saved someone’s life. It is people
    like you and the other dummeys in the White House that do not understand the
    Constitution of the United States and the Dick act of 1906 that are distroying
    this great country of ours. By the Constitution of the United States and the
    Dick act of 1906 Amanda Collins has every right in the world to have and carry
    her gun on campus or anywhere else she so decides to for her protection. Are
    you and the rest of your solemates in congress so stupid that you do not understand
    that if we let you take our guns we and you will end up in one of obama’s 1000
    concentretion camps he has here in the United States that in February obamo
    fully staffed with laundry people, cafateria people and staff to run them. The
    best thing you can do is not to open your mouth until you have investigated
    what obama’s plans for our country is then get upon your soap box and try to
    take our guns.

  • http://www.facebook.com/benjaminlhargrave Benjamin Hargrave

    The anti-rights enslavists are out for blood and they will stop at nothing. Trying to stop these gun bans by striking down one at a time is like trying to stop a spray of automatic fire by striking down one bullet at a time. All they have to do is keep fighting and they will win because we aren’t even trying to fight back. We need to take legislative action to make the 2nd amendment legally enforceable. We need to put any politician found guilty of treason against the people and against the constitution they have sworn an oath to protect, behind bars for life without parole.

  • Ginni

    My husband and I watched part of the “debate” on the floor of the Colorado Senate last nite and there was only one Democrat who was willing to testify for these bills. They were challenged repeatedly by several of the Republican senators to prove that they cared about the citizens of Colorado and the Dems wouldn’t even answer. The whole reason this even came to pass was because Mayor Bloomberg contacted the Dems and promised to foot the bill for any litigation that might ensue from passage of these bills. We have had too many move in from liberal states like California and New York, plus having ten counties who had more votes than registered voters, so is it any wonder that the Dems got total control of the state house? Like our local sheriff, who just happens to be the president of the state county sheriffs association said, if we don’t get the state house back in 2014, this is what the nation will look like and it’s VERY scarey.

  • Dan Nowotarski

    Sen. Evie Hudak is just on the band wagon pushing an agenda, no common sense of her own. God Bless America, the NRA and all Real Freedom FIghting Patriots.

  • Scared to Death

    Obviously the elitest politicians have no compassion for anyone, especially for those of us who have been raped! To suggest that judo, rape whistles, etc. would protect us is insane. We would like a fighting chance against psychos who rape; if we are trained to use guns, there is a very big chance that we could shoot so that we wouldn’t have to go through another rape or perhaps even murder. Nothing bad happens to the elitests because they have bodyguards or Secret Service Agents to protect them. They can’t possibly imagine the trauma that violent crimes have on victims; some of us never get over the experience. I have so much compassion for families who have lost loved ones to rape and/or murder. If some of them had weapons, there is a better chance they would have survived as many families have done for many years.

  • Louie

    I wonder what would that Senator Hudak would say if she was the one that got raped. Would she just lie down and accept the fact that the rapist is getting his way? For me, I will be teaching my daughter to shoot in spite of the fact that I am living in the Republik of Kalifornia. And if she finds herself in such a spot she would shoot first and we will sort it out in the court later on but she will not be raped without a fight.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Anthony-Alexander/100001688875158 Anthony Alexander

    The fact that Hudak speaks about rape and his solutions to it WITHOUT having any experience in Rape and passing it off as if it were FACT IN HIS MIND typifies the liberal progressive Neurosis and the Neurosis, ALL liberals have. They open up their mouth to remove any doubt that Liberalism IS a MENTAL DISEASE. Ranks up there with Alzheimer’s, dementia, Parkinson’s and other neurological diseases. In spite of all the data that shows their visionary fantasies and stupid remarks are all failures, they persist in this agenda, despite its madness, and therefore fall under the old saying insanity is doing the same things over and over again expecting different results. Yet, despite all the evidence against it, the modern liberal mind believes their agenda is good social science. It is, in fact, bad science fiction. Moreover the liberal always has scapegoats, far flung theories, distortions and above all LYING, to prop up and keep their mindless fantasies and doctrines moving, and when the modern liberal mind whines about imaginary victims, rages against imaginary villains, speaks of conspiracies and credulous statements seeks above all else to run the lives of persons competent to run their own lives, the neurosis of the liberal mind becomes painfully obvious.

    Liberalism is a MENTAL DISEASE, common sense is the cure. But as Ron White the comedian says……there ain’t no fixin STUPID in this case the same applies……………… There ain’t no fixin liberalism.

  • justamused

    These Nazi brown shirts will ONLY get a verbal “your a bad boy” and everything will be swept under the rug! Trusting any cop today could be hazardous to one’s health!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002891908438 Brandon Donavan

    Enough is enough from these authoritarian do gooders. I hope Senator Hudak gets to experience rape first hand and has no gun or no one with a gun to protect her. It would serve that cow right. Although, who is going to want to rape her, you can not rape the willing.

  • William Hudson

    It is very interesting how this excuse for a State Senator can claim that statistics show a firearm would not have prevented this woman’s rape without citing any statistics. Even if her claim were true, rape is a very individual trauma that victims have borne. If one rape was prevented by use of a firearm, it was worth it.

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