VIDEO: Teenager Uses Dad’s AR-15 To Protect His Sister and Home From Multiple Invaders

I am not an AR-15 owner and a 12 gauge shotgun could have done the same job, but this kid was in the right to protect his sister’s life and house with what he had.  Good on him!

  • Patrick Skovran

    I do not own a gun, but I still support the right to bear arms….this is why.

    • Rattlerjake

      Good for you, it may be your gun owning neighbor that saves your life or property someday.

    • sha49tn

      I don’t own one either, but, fully support the right to have them. I don’t know how to use one, so wouldn’t be safe with one. One of my neighbors has guns, & I KNOW he’d protect me in a heart beat. He’s retired military, & his wife & I are good friends. Plus, 2 of my sons, & 2 of my grandsons have guns.

      • Daniel Larson

        It’s never to late to learn Sha49tn. Find a good defensive tactics instructor and jump in the game, ultimately self protection is just that. Better to learn to protect yourself than to be dependant on others to do it for you.

  • redwolf6911

    Good for this boy. He was obviously protecting his sister. He apparently was taught how to use it and he did. Those criminals were determined to get in the house and there is no telling what would have happened to the boy and his sister if they had been successful. The boy took action and I say good job well done.

  • bobalo59

    Good, Gads i love hearing story’s like this. I hope the criminal dies a slow and painful death, while the minor waits in jail for a long stint in juvvy.
    Who was it that said “assault” rifles are not for home protection? Oh yeah, every stinking liberal in the media and in DC, including the goatfornicator in chief Owevomit.

  • slickzip

    Thatys good news and we need more kids who know how to use a gun to protect the home and family ,,,,,,

  • URKiddinMee

    But did you notice the News Co-Anchor calling the AR-15 an “Assault Weapon?” The media is a liberal gang even in Texas, it seems.

    • Rattlerjake

      It’s actually surprising that the liberals haven’t created a stink about this kid having access to a loaded gun without adult supervision. But this shows that if your raise your kids with a respect and understanding of firearms they will do what’s right!!!


    Two homes, right next door to this home, were broken in to, and per the interview, everything they owned was stolen. The difference in this time, the thieves were bolder, and regardless that people were in the house, they still tried to break in. This shows why having a gun, who to use a gun and making criminals pay for their actions, are the only things not turning this country in to what Europe has become. Criminal sanctuaries, much like the lack of real restitution today, and this administration pushing hard to take weapons for law abiding citizens, and making more victims, like this boy and hi sister would have been if Obama gets his way.

    • Rosie46

      Particularly since the DOJ under Obama and Holder have armed the Mexican drug cartels with real “assault” weapons to kill on both sides of the border. And they have killed hundreds, including a US border patrol agent and Mexican teenagers.

  • B.f. Caffrey

    In 1969 a 12 y/o girl on our block was home with the flu when two thugs tried to break in to the family home. She not only retrieved her father’s revolver, but loaded it and used it. When police arrived they found a suspect down outside, gut shot. They took one look at the petite 12 y/o girl vs. a 6’1″ 2-time felon and pronounced it a righteous shooting. What makes this more impressive was that she used a a revolver chambered in .45 Colt. Most of felt the girl did her civic duty. Today, I’m sure the DA would prosecute the parents for allowing her to have access to the gun. Stupid laws.

    • Rosie46

      Stupid laws are the result of stupid people and there are way too many of those types in power now.

  • usmc1063

    When I was growing up I could shoot and hit a target at the age of 10 I had my own Daisey BB gun when I was 12 I was hunting and bring home game to the dinner table. But that was a different time back then. At school we had a rifle club where proper handling of weapons as well as shooting were taught. Todays kids are told that guns are evil and that they don’t serve any purpose in society what so ever. But this story is not about me or the millions who lived the same life as I have. Here is a youngman who knew how to handle and AR-15 and effectively hit a target with it. A live target that could have done him and his sister harm. I commend his parents for teaching him what to do and I commend him for doing what was necessary.

    • Rattlerjake

      What’s interesting about this story is how the two fathers differ. One has his son with him to show him how to rob and steal from others, the other father taught his son how to protect himself and others from the other. Which parenting skill would you rather have in your society and neighborhood? This is a no-brainer!

  • bayman61

    The media and some of you on here need to understand that he DID NOT have an assault rifle. An assault rifle as defined by our very own government is a weapon capable of full automatic fire. These AR15s are not capable of that. They are SEMI automatic. Get your facts straight.

    • Huapakechi

      Liberals don’t understand the term ‘fact’.

  • Shears_of_Atropos

    Assault rifle? The young fellow shot the intruder with a fully automatic weapon? A SUBMACHINE GUN? Somehow I doubt that. The AR-15 doesn’t have that capability, which is why it is NOT an assault rifle, no matter how much the reporter wants it to be so.

    • Rattlerjake

      In reality everything that can be used to assault another individual is and assault weapon. I’d love to use my assault brick to beat these liberal dimwits with.

  • Giacomo Knox

    Every time you tweet this week, send this story to @PiersMorgan. Maybe that wanker will deport himself. Semper Fi

    • Rattlerjake

      No, scum like Morgan enjoy the benefits (especially financial) of being in this country that they don’t enjoy in any other country, especially England.

  • Average Joe

    I agree with Ted on several statements. In stead of being A victom of crimmanels and repeat offenders. Honnist citizens should just shoot them DEAD!!! Watch the crime rate go down EVERYWHERE. And not to point out the obveous but the color of the crimmanels is where our problems are. No I dont think all AAmericans are crimmanels. But in this country you will have to get around to that topic sooner or later. Just take the number of gun crimes and compair them against raise. The A Americans parents need to do A better job rasing their kids. Getting them to finnish school and treat people with respect.

    • Rattlerjake

      What’s interesting about this story is how the two fathers differ. One has his son with him to show him how to rob and steal from others, the other father taught his son how to protect himself and others from the other. Which parenting skill would you rather have in your society and neighborhood? This is a no-brainer!

  • waterman

    Here you are, now we won’t see this on CNN or CSNBC or all other the leftist news orgnasations. It hurts their case. I say good boy, dad should teach him to empty the magazine on the ilks that want to hurt kids.

  • #PresidentPoverty

    If the libs had their way these kids would be raped and dead

    • Rattlerjake

      And the perps would plea bargain to a reduced sentence and parole so they can do it again..

  • 2War Abn Vet

    I, thankfully, was only needed a firearm once (in this country). Many years ago I was traveling with my young wife and baby when we were approached, and a highway rest stop area late at night, by three predators. I didn’t need to fire a shot; it was sufficient for me to rack the slide of my P-38 to cause them to determine that their presence was required elsewhere.
    As I said, I only needed a gun once. But, without it we’d have been murdered or scarred for life forty-six years ago.
    Individual defense, incidentally, is not the reason the Founders championed gun ownership. The ability of citizens to be victimized by tyrannical government was uppermost in their minds.
    So, I only needed a gun once – so far.

  • Bambucha

    How to comment?

    If I say “Good shooting; needs more practice on his aim”, it may be thought of as the rant of a blood thirsty gun owner. Far from it. I am concerned for law abiding families. Stopping the threat is the primary concern.

    If the criminal was able to run away, to present himself at a hospital for treatment, it means that he could have followed through in his attack before succumbing to his wounds. The boy did an excellent job against the less than motivated intruder. People should not assume that is the norm in home invaders.

  • xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx

    I did not see this story on The Ed Shultz Show or my local ABC, NBC, CBS network. ObamaCare will now take care of the wounded at taxpayer’s expense. When the scum is relwased from jail with a reduced sentence, he will return to the same life of crime.

  • Get Real

    This is a very old story!
    It happened in June 2010.

    While it’s a happy ending story it should not be listed as “recent news stories”

  • Abby

    Love it!

  • Kenneth Kirkham

    An AR-15 is NOT an assault rifle. How many times do the press need to lie?

  • Huapakechi

    A rifle bigger than that oversexed .22 or a shotgun might have ended the criminal’s career permanently.

  • Mike Wasdin

    I am an American.
    As such, none of my rights depend on a showing of need. I am a free
    man who has the right to define and pursue my happiness in any peaceful
    way I see fit. The government does not grant me rights. I was born
    free. The legitimate role of government is to act as my agent to
    protect my rights; which exist independent of government. Americans
    do not beg the government for rights nor are they required to demonstrate
    a “need” for rights.

  • I_P_Frehley

    What’s an “Assault Rifle” anyway?

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