Video: Women Take Joe Biden’s Shotgun Advice

What these ladies need is a little training on how to shoot a shotgun, but this video does prove a point.

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  • WoodButcher

    Well the video is almost as bad as biden’s advice. It does shoe how far our “leaders” are willing to go with their lies about AR15s. The ladies shooting in the sport of cowboy action shooting fire shotguns with no trouble. Ladies shooting in the sport of three gun matches shoot AR15s and shotguns and pistols and they do all real fast.
    If you are going to buy a firearm and keep it for home defense without receiving training or practicing with it there is nothing easier than an AR15 with a laser and or an EO-Tech type site as used by the military. They use them for the same reason, they allow a person to make hits on a target with very little training or practice.

  • Hawkeye3939

    Who is that little twit asking Joe the stupid question? Sounds like a little girl.

  • Sonja

    Anyone who takes Biden’s advice needs some looking into. Joe Biden is not only a joke, but he is also a buffoon.

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