VIRAL: The World’s FUNNIEST Photos With The BEST One-Linners

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Prepare to laugh your tail-bone off. This is freakin’ hilarious.

Sometimes a Snapchat can be so witty that letting it go extinct after just 10 seconds of viewing is an affront to humankind.

With this in mind, Bored Panda has collated a list of the funniest snaps on the internet.

While some demonstrate a strong use of puns, others use the app’s drawing tool to its full potential and create original – for want of a better word – pieces of art.

One sneaky Snapchatter took this photo of an elderly man walking his dog - seemingly completely unaware that the cheeky pet had taken a dip in the river parallel to them

And another Snapchat shows a man in uniform bearing a striking resemblance to Daniel Radcliffe, with the caption: 'A Hogwarts degree isn't worth much these days'

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