VIRGINIA: Liberal Governor and Clinton Buddy Gives THOUSANDS of FELONS Voting Rights Back–Just in Time to Help Hillary

This is some major bullsh*t and a typical liberal move. Illegal immigrants and criminals are Hillary’s main supporting groups. What a collection of people. This is insane.

A defiant Virginia Democratic Gov. Terry McAuliffe announced Monday that he again restored the voting rights of about 13,000 felons who have served their sentences, after his previous attempt was thwarted by Republican lawmakers and the state Supreme Court.

Virginia’s highest court ruled in July that governors cannot restore rights en masse, but must consider each offender on a case-by-case basis.

That ruling invalidated a sweeping executive order issued by McAuliffe in April that had given back the voting rights of more than 200,000 felons who completed their sentences.

His office complied with the state Supreme Court’s directive, at least technically: A computerized ‘autopen’ signed each of the 13,000 letters.

McAuliffe, a former Democratic National Committee chairman and elite fundraiser, also chaired Bill Clinton’s 1996 re-election campaign and then took the same job with Hillary Clinton’s failed 2008 presidential bid.

He drew howls when his initial order was seen as an attempt to create a new class of Democratic voters just in time to help Hillary Clinton in November.

The governor blasted the court Monday for ignoring the ‘the clear text of the Constitution’ and accused Republicans of trying to suppress voters’ voices.

But he pledged to move forward, saying he won’t let the felon disenfranchisement ‘destroy lives and families, and destabilize communities.’

‘These individuals are gainfully employed. They send their children and their grandchildren to our schools. They shop in our grocery stores and they pay taxes. And I am not content to condemn them for eternity as inferior second-class citizens,’ McAuliffe said during an event at the Virginia Civil Rights Memorial.

Rights-restoration letters were mailed Friday to the roughly 13,000 people who had registered to vote before their rights were taken away by the court, McAuliffe said.

His administration processed each felon’s paperwork individually to comply with the ruling, he said.

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