‘TO WAKE UP AND HAVE IT ALL GONE’: False Accusations of ‘Romance’ with Student Destroyed this Assistant Principle’s Life


Terrible how rumors and gossip had ruined this woman’s life. I hope she gets another chance to do the work she loves.

An assistant principal falsely accused of having sex with a teenage student was forced to sell her home and has revealed everyone ‘turned their back’ on her in the wake of the allegations.

Catherine Armstrong Bell, 34, was arrested in December 2013 and charged with four counts of abuse during her tenure at Pelham High School in Shelby County, Alabama.

But on Monday, exactly a year later, a judge dismissed the case and ruled that Bell can never face charges over the same incident in the future.

In a teary interview with ABC 33/40, she described how she had dedicated her whole life to teaching, but woke up one day to find it had all been taken away.

She said: ‘I dedicated and invested a large part of my life into doing that. And I loved doing what I did.

‘To wake up and have that all taken away and gone, and have people say the things that they said about me, that were not true. And to have people turn their back on you really hurt.’

According to Bell’s defense attorney Rick Lyerly, the case started as a school rumor that ‘accelerated’ into accusations.

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