WAR ON COPS: Three Cops Shot in Two Different States

Screen Shot 2015-10-28 at 9.03.53 AMIf the #BlackLivesMatter movement really wanted race equality, then ALL lives would matter to them. Instead, they promote violence against cops; making it clear they don’t care about ‘race equality’.

Three police officers were shot in two incidents overnight in Savannah, Georgia and Harmony Township, Pennsylvania.

Two officers in the Georgia shooting were wounded with non-life threatening injuries while the Pennsylvania officer was saved by his bullet-proof vest.

WTOC-TV reported the Georgia Bureau of Investigations said one other unidentified person was shot and killed in the Savannah shooting which reportedly occurred during a traffic stop.

(A WTOC update on the shooting: The two wounded officers have been released from the hospital. The gunman was shot dead after he opened fire on four officers during a traffic stop. Three of the officers were wearing body cameras that recorded the incident.)

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