WAR ON SPEECH CONTINUES: Conservative Commentator PEPPER SPRAYED At NYU — Professor Says Cops Should BEAT Up ‘Neo-Nazis’

There was yet another “protest” against a conservative speaker on a college campus. We really can’t call them protests anymore, though. Not when they are attacking crowds with pepper spray and hurtling insults after insults.

Here is the moment Gavin McInnes arrives and is sprayed with Pepper Spray:


We wonder how the media will twist this one.

Gavin didn’t start anything. All he did was arrive on campus. And people who had nothing productive to say and were certainly not interested in listening, attacked him.


We thought the progressive Left claimed to be open minded and tolerable. If you thought that too, take a look at this professor. She embodies the Left to a tee.

Screaming that you and your students are learning about tolerance while calling people who disagree with you ‘fascist’ and demanding for them to be beaten. Sounds about right, don’t you think?

And, of course, the protests had a melt down. Many, to be factually accurate, but here is just one instance.

When the media calls this a protest, that is a lie. A bold face lie. These are riots, there is nothing peaceful about them.

H/T: Clash Daily

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