WATCH: 11yr-Old Baller SHOOTS Burglar Then Delivers Most [email protected] Warning to the Criminal on TV

The one thing a parent fears the most is their child being harmed.

One day, this boy’s house was targeted by a burglar and it wasn’t the first time. The parents of Chris Gaither, however, taught him how to shoot.

Once the criminal entered the house the 11yr old grabbed a 9mm handgun and warned the intruder he would shoot to kill.

What happened next can only be best told by the child.

The robber didn’t believe Chris, thinking the gun was a toy and boy was that a mistake.

Gaither started shooting as the man left with a hamper full of stolen items; when he hit him Chris said, ‘he started crying like a baby.’

This is an EPIC story and all the more reason to teach your children gun safety and how to shoot.


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