WATCH: Antifa Protesters are Confronted by Police, What Happens Next Says EVERYTHING

You may have been hearing this word Antifa being thrown around in the news.

For those of you uncertain what it means: it stands for anti-fascist.

These groups have been known to attack pro-Trump rallies; so much for anti-fascism, right?

Wouldn’t be surprised if Soros was funding this organization.

Anyway, the common attire for these said protestors is usually hoodies and masks in all black, with a black flag to symbolize anarchy.

These Antifa people are singing songs of peace and love. They’re there to cause chaos and break sh*t.

Well, that is before they came face to face with the Auburn, Alabama police.

The anarchists throw a complete hissy fit for being unmasked… and it’s HILARIOUS!

Alabama has a law on the books that wearing a mask in public is against the law.

Seems silly to think that’s a law. Until you realize the KKK is a thing in Alabama.

Over all the police did an excellent job at enforcing order and defusing the situation.


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