WATCH: Assange Spills The Beans–Tells Who He Is Targeting And Hillary Should Be…

Holding a press conference in Germany, Assange and his Wikileaks team were celebrating 10 years of work. They listed off, chronologically, the projects they were involved in. 10 leaks, 10 million documents and over 10 billion words.

The 11th project might just be the cherry on top of their cake, though. During the meeting Assange listed what was the focus in this upcoming document dump. They include the: US Election, war, arms, oil, google and mass surveillance.

Julian promised that the US Election documents would be coming out before the November 8th elections.

If you can read between the lines, he was essentially saying, ‘Hillary, you’re f*cked’. The documents will be released for 10 weeks in a row. First leak is scheduled to come out within a few days.

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