WATCH: #BLM ‘Protestor’ Admits They’re Terrorists–‘We’re Like The Taliban’

Charlotte, NC, was pillaged, plundered and destroyed Tuesday night. ‘Protestors’ were standing up to fight the Police after another fatal shooting of a black man.

The violence was insane. One #BLM demonstrator basically said they were the Taliban.

Terrorist seems like a more suiting description than the word protestor for these people.

By Blake Neff

Charlotte, N.C., erupted into a riot Tuesday night after hundreds of people gathered to protest the fatal shooting of a black man.

According to police, officers were serving a warrant when they encountered Keith Lamont Scott in his car. Police say Scott got out of his car with a gun and was shot because he posed an immediate threat.

But, according to demonstrators on the scene and supporters online, Scott was a disabled man who was simply holding a book and was no threat when he was gunned down. Soon after the shooting, people began to gather, and they soon swelled to a crowd of hundreds and began clashing with riot police.

“We out like the Taliban!” one rioter could be heard crying on a Facebook Live broadcast of the protests, shortly after tear gas canisters were fired into the crowd. After 11 p.m., the situation grew more severe, with several people successfully trashing a police SUV.

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