WATCH: Burglar is BUSTED by Dallas Police, Homeowner Compiles the CCTV Footage in HILARIOUS Remix

screen-shot-2016-12-11-at-11-13-23-amAn epic burglary deserves epic music. At least this home owner thought so. Thank goodness this guy had a nice security system and a wonderful sense of humor. Now the thug is where he belongs and we have our entertainment for the day!

A homeowner made light of a foiled burglary by adding hilarious recorder music to his own CCTV footage – turning it into a rather lame, real-life version of ‘Mission: Impossible’.

Nate Gasser, who lives in Dallas, Texas, shared the video Thursday on YouTube, where it has been viewed more than 800,000 times. He said a ‘master thief’ broke into his home the previous day around 11.35am after disabling the alarm with a hammer.

Gasser said he called the police after noticing his system had been disabled and arrived home while cops confronted the man. Officers eventually handcuffed and arrested the suspect.

The break-in went from scary to hilarious when Gasser edited CCTV footage of the event and added songs from ‘Mission: Impossible’, ‘Rocky’ and ‘Cops’ – played on a recorder. 

The ‘Mission: Impossible’ theme begins as the man can be seen rummaging around the front yard. The suspect manages to get inside the house.

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