WATCH: Clobert Claims ‘No Regrets’ Calling President Trump Putin’s ‘C*ck Holster’

Usually when a comedian and TV hosts receives as much outrage from all sides of the aisle like Colbert has, they formulate some sort of retractions.

Not him though!

It seems this controversy has only emboldened him.

Check out last nights Mexican standoff:

Last night, Colbert opened his show by bragging that he remains the host of “The Late Show.” In other words, he ain’t getting fired anytime soon.

Colbert said “screw you” without actually saying the words. He said he has “no regrets” for ripping into the president or his supporters, but wishes he could change some of the statements he made towards the end of his rant. He closed by saying that anyone who expresses their love for another person is an American hero in his mind. Well, at least his statement confirms what I think of him… he is an American loser. He is a hate monger.

If Sean Hannity of Fox News said the same things Colbert said on Monday night, Hannity would lose his TV show, his radio show, and his career, as a whole. Colbert loses nothing. He doesn’t get as much as a suspension or a fine. No advertisers have bailed out on him. And, that is what you call a double standard of epic measure.


It seems the late night host is ‘untouchable’ after this incident.

Just watch, though. After being so emboldened, one day he will say something that is going to end it all for him.

Only a matter of time now.

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