WATCH: Colin Kaepernick is Now Ready to ‘Stand for the Anthem’ if He Can…

After all the drama, BS, and hype, it seems like the ‘man behind the kneeling’ is ready to get up and stand for the national anthem now.

Clearly, the unemployment phase of Colin Kaepernick’s professional career is looking a little too bright for his liking. Now he is trying to compromise.

During an exclusive interview with CBS’s Jason La Canfora it was revealed the former QB has been training, with the hope to get a job with one NFL team.

The professional league has not hired the football player, according to several sources, because his game is not up to par with other contenders. With the controversy surrounding Kaepernick made it harder for most teams to justify hiring him.

Check out the full interview below.

What do you think of all this?

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