WATCH: Dems Blame Trump on Chicago Kidnapping, Claim it’s ‘Too Early To Call It HATE CRIME’

So there are a few people who have opinions about this kidnapping. If you haven’t seen Shaun King’s opinion, you can find that here.

But first, let’s start off with some of the one’s we find incredibly…strange.

Here is Symone Sanders, a Democratic Strategist.

Brace yourselves for what she thinks is the reason for this attack.


She thinks Trump is to blame. Trump.

Now, Sanders has been known for her…colorful comments on crimes against white people.

She must be lovely to be around… not.

Let’s move along to the next person who has similar view points. Obama White House spokesman, Josh Earnest. Oh boy, this ought to be good.

Earnest told reporters it “was too early to say” if this was a hate crime. Well, now that there have been charges levied against these criminals, what’s Earnest going to say now?

Let’s end on a not so crazy note. Gingrich, you have the last word.

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