WATCH: Dick Cheney ‘Punks’ CNN Interviewer and the Crowd ROARS with Laughter

screen-shot-2016-12-07-at-11-16-03-amDANG! This is awesome! Cheney said it like it is and we couldn’t agree more! You have to check out this video. CNN had it coming.

By Thomas Madison

I have heard that in private Dick Cheney is a very funny, frank, direct, and politically incorrect guy. He is also very funny, frank, direct, and politically incorrect in public.

Watch as Cheney offers a dose of truth to CNN’s Barbara Starr who is interviewing Cheney and Leon Panetta on the challenges ahead for Donald Trump.

Starr attempts to poke Trump in the eye by making fun of his near-constant use of social media, especially Twitter, to speak directly to the American people, where his words stood on their own, uncensored and not subject to the biased interpretation of liberal talking heads, often intentionally taking his remarks out of context to paint a prejudiced and dishonest picture.

Starr, who I suppose is an expert on foreign policy (yeah, right), looking down her nose at Dick Cheney, who happens to actually be an expert on foreign policy, warns of the rude awakening President-elect Trump is in for, as she declares, “The language of tweets is not necessarily as nuanced and contextual as U.S. foreign policy is.”

Newsflash, Barbara! Twitter can be “as nuanced and contextual” as the author cares to make it in 140 character spaces or less. Brevity is the soul of wit and the heart of clear communication (he says as he writes a 500-word intro to a video).

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