WATCH: The EPIC Moment an ISIS Captive Escapes Execution with a Simple Head-Butt and a Gun

screen-shot-2016-09-16-at-9-33-02-amWe don’t know for sure if the captive and his fellow prisoners managed to escape or not. After the camera is dropped, gunshots ring out. We can only pray they were from the side of the prisoners.

Dramatic footage has emerged of a condemned hostage apparently headbutting his ISIS captor and escaping to freedom – moments before he was due to be executed.

Video believed to have been captured in Afghanistan shows three men with their hands tied behind their backs being ordered to kneel by a man brandishing a machine gun.

But seconds before they are due to be gunned down, one of the prisoners leaps up and appears to head butt one of the extremists.

The grainy film then appears to show the prisoner grabbing the guard’s weapon before the sound of gunshot rings out.

In the confusion, the camera is dropped on the ground and it is not known for certain whether the prisoner or any of his fellow captives were able to escape.

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