WATCH: Feinstein Just Told TRUTH on Russia-Trump ‘Collusion’…Liberals Will HATE This

For months, all you hear when you turn on the news is that Trump was in bed with the Russians and that compromised the election.

All the meanwhile, no one has any evidence to back this claim up.

Feinstein and other Democrats are certain that such evidence does exist, though…

But when invited to offer any suggestion that evidence, or even the something promising – something looking like evidence, has been found, all she could say was, “not at this time”.

Rep. Adam Schiff last week was also unable to provide an answer that evidence might exist. Other than saying they were still looking.

Like Feinstein, Schiff deployed innuendo to suggest that such evidence exists.

According to Feinstein, Schiff, and many other Democrats, the absence of evidence of conspiracy between Trump’s presidential campaign and Russian state interests in the context of the aforementioned narrative is the justification for congressional investigations to obtain such evidence.

Daily Wire

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