Watch: Feminist Wants to Ban the Word “Man” — Tucker Has His Fun

Tucker Carlson interviewed feminist Cathy Areu who, from her website, is “CATALINA magazine’s founding publisher, a long-time Washington Post Magazine contributing editor, and the author of ‘Latino Wisdom.'”

Areu is using her Latino wisdom to promote the idiotic idea Purdue University is pushing that we need to ban the word “man” completely from the English language.

Purdue University is encouraging their students to avoid “generic use of MAN and other words with masculine markers.”

Naturally, Tucker had his fun during this interview:

“You’re lecturing us about sexism while you’re sitting right now in MAN-hattan,” he joked.

“They are saying that society has changed, and times are changing, and we don’t want to be offensive in our language,” Areu explained about the movement. “They’re trying to be non-sexist and non-biased, and that means trying to take the word ‘man’ out… so instead of man-made, it would be ‘synthetic.’”

“They’re saying that the word man is associated with adults – men – as opposed to just humanity or humans. So, they’re trying to avoid the word man – so, if we could eliminate that word, then things would be much better and people would be less offended,” Areu continued.

“What if you lived in Manchester, Vermont?” he asked.

“Well they might have to change the name of the city if people agree with Purdue University. And Purdue found that things need to be updated and they updated their writing guide to take out these words that are apparently offending certain groups of people,” Areu explained.

The interview continues to get more ridiculous. Watch it below:

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