WATCH: Former Friend of Hillary–Susan Sarandon Says She Trusts TRUMP More Than CLINTON

screen-shot-2016-10-04-at-9-50-25-amSusan Sarandon is a typical liberal. And Hillary pissed her off! What do you think the rest of the liberals will say about Hillary?

By Wayne Dupree

Actress Susan Sarandon says her former friend Hillary Clinton can’t be trusted. Of course, Susan is right about Hillary! She cites published facts to back it up. All Hillary has is “spin” and lying, at which she excels.

I know where Sarandon is going with her thinking but coming out against Hillary in liberal Hollywood is usually an actor’s career death sentence for a conservative but in her case, her voice carries weight, and it could sway voters.

Anybody voting for Clinton needs to have their head examined. Viewing problems from a liberal perspective has resulted in the creation of more problems, more entitlement programs, more victims, more government, more political correctness, and more attacks on the working class in all economic strata.

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